The CNC press brake operator

Our press brake operator is the man who bends the sheet metal with what is known as a press brake. Through his efforts, the distinctive shapes come to life, from 2D into 3D.

The welder

When everything is bent into the right shape, the welder takes care that everything is assembled and welded into one piece. Welding is a delicate job, carried out by real craftsmen. After all, you don’t want to see any welds in your finished stove.

The sandblaster

After the welder has done his job, the stove is almost ready for assembly. But bare metal needs to be coated, this is when the sandblaster roughens the material by blasting sand onto the metal under high pressure. The way the coating can really stick to the metal.

The painter

The painter is responsible for the coating and thus for the look and finish of the final product.

The assembly worker

Last but not least, our assembly workers make sure the pellet stove is ready for shipment, fully assembled and properly packed.