Pelletstove Duroflame Rinus

  • Pellet auger runs continuously
  • Control panel hidden in pellet hopper
  • Programmable thermostat


The Duroflame Rinus is the round model of the Duroflame pellet stove collection. It is much more elegant and tasteful than a traditional pellet stove, but with the same capacity. Its sleek design makes it fit in almost every living room and suit every home.

The perfect design

Here at Duroflame, we make every effort to create that perfect design and combine this with high quality and the cleanest possible burning. We design and develop prototypes and innovate just as long as it takes to get it just rightWe make no concessions and do not compromise on either the design or the innovative character of the stove. The Duroflame Rinus is the result of pure Dutch craftsmanship. This stove is suitable for smaller living spacess in terms of size, but can also be placed in larger spaces in terms of capacity.

Round and sleek

Because the body is formed out of one piece, the Duroflame Rinus has an elegant, sleek design. Other characteristics:

  • Hidden control panel
  • Convenient programmable thermostat

Specifications Rinus

Max. power
7.3 kW
Min. power
3.4 kW
Rendement bij nominaal vermogen
Rendement bij minimaal vermogen
Max. consumption
1.70 kg
Min. consumption
0.79 kg
Min. powerconsumption
25 W
Max. powerconsumption
55 kg
H735 W546 D546
10 kg