Pellet stove Duroflame Batavia

  • Pellet auger runs continuously
  • Natural convection at low power
  • External air-inlet for passive homes


Do you still remember the typical fireplace of the old days? A robust stove that spread a snug warmth in your home. A place to come together, or to have a moment for yourself, after a busy day. The Duroflame brings this homey atmosphere back to the present. The typical nostalgic design is characteristic of this pellet stove. The big difference with a traditional stove is that the Duroflame Batavia is much more durable and clean.

Dutch quality made in Holland

The Duroflame Batavia is a high-quality Dutch pellet stove. What is distinctive about the Duroflame brand is the attention paid to the stove design. All pellet stoves are designed, developed and manufactured to compliment your interior. In our modern factory in the north of the Netherlands, we make no concessions whatsoever in terms of design or quality, we develop as long as it takes to find the perfect balance between design and technology.

Comfortable in an instant

The Duroflame Batavia creates comfortable warmth in an instant, thanks to its high efficiency. You can add on top of that the classic, nostalgic design and you know: the Duroflame Batavia guarantees a warm and cozy home.

Other characteristics of the Duroflame Batavia:

  • Considerable power, but at the same time very quiet
  • Clever programmable thermostat, hidden inside the hopper

Specificaties Batavia

Max. power
7.9 kW
Min. power
2.2 kW
Rendement bij nominaal vermogen
Rendement bij minimaal vermogen
Max. consumption
1,79 kg/h
Min. consumption
0,47 kg/h
Min. powerconsumption
18 W
Max. powerconsumption
101.5 kg
H825 W576 D476
14 kg