How it all began

Duroflame was founded in 2014 by Aldrik Sebens. From the very beginning, his elegant and distinctive pellet stove products, which are very similar to traditional stoves in terms of design, attracted considerable attention. The main difference of course is that Duroflame pellet stoves are far cleaner, safer and more durable. Passionate and enthusiastic, Aldrik is still responsible for the designing process. All the designs are his. With his vision, Aldrik has positioned his company as an international player on the pellet stove market.

This is what you can expect from us

Duroflame is the only pellet stove factory in the west of Europe. We are very proud of this. Developing stylish and durable pellet stoves is the prime task of our craftsmen. We supply pellet stoves, developed in a clean modern factory where we can work with pleasure. To make this possible we have five core values we would like to share with you.

1. Made in Holland

Duroflame always tries to keep the complete production in the home country. This way Duroflame supports Dutch craftsmanship. It also helps us to ensure the quality of our products: made in Holland, today’s craftsmanship.

2. We make no concessions

None, whatsoever, neither on design nor quality. In our modern factory in the north of the Netherlands we develop and polish as long as it takes until it is just right. This is the perfect balance between design and technology.

3. We focus on design

Traditional pellet stoves are generally big and clumsy appliances. We promise that every Duroflame pellet stove compliments and adds to your the interior. We have a suitable stove for every taste and style.

4. Our manufacturing process is durable

Our pellet stoves are clean and durable and so is our manufacturing process. With our team of craftsmen, we are always looking for ways to improve that process.

5. We are innovative

With her continuous focus on efficiency and durability, Duroflame is an innovative international player on the pellet stove market. This urge for innovation can also be seen in our modern factory. Our pellet stoves are manufactured with advanced machinery. And when we need a machine that doesn’t exist? We build it ourselves.

Does our story appeal to you? See which of our stoves suits your interior!

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