Pellet stove Duroflame Abel

  • Vermiculite lining in combustion chamber for better combustion;
  • Convenient 5-button control with display out of sight;
  • Natural convection of warm air thanks to heat exchanger.
  • Whisper-quiet: continuously rotating pellet feed and no convection fan


Do you always want the newest of the new? And are you looking for a cool eye-catcher in your living room? Then the Duroflame Abel is the ultimate eye-catcher for your home. The Abel is named after the famed Abel Tasman from Groningen; an experienced sailor and ambitious explorer. He was employed by the VOC and the discoverer of “South Land”. Like Abel, Aldrik Sebens, founder of Duroflame, likes to tread uncharted territory and is always on the lookout for innovations. The Duroflame Abel owes its name to the fact that it is our most innovative stove and from a technical perspective has evolved over recent years.

Traditional wood stove design

The Duroflame Abel is a high-quality stove made in the Netherlands. The main difference compared to the other Duroflame stoves is the appearance. The Abel already has a unique look due to its round shape. However, by positioning the pellet feeder and control panel out of sight, the stove looks even more like a traditional wood burner. The cosiness of the past in a sustainable form.

Cleaner than ever

The Duroflame Abel works on low power (5kw) so that it can burn more often at the higher setting. The interior contains vermiculite, which provides more heat in the combustion chamber, higher efficiency and cleaner combustion. As a result, the window of the pellet stove stays cleaner for longer so that you can enjoy the gorgeous fire for a prolonged period. We have also adapted the flue gas discharge/air supply and it can be connected both concentrically and openly.

Simple technology

Just like the other Duroflame pellet stoves, the Abel is also equipped with simple technology and is easily adjustable. The continuously running auger motor and the fact that there is no built-in room fan makes this pellet stove one of the quietest of its kind. The Duroflame Abel has a robust quality and is equipped with the latest technology. Can you already see it in your living room?

Specificaties Abel

Max. power
5 kW
Min. power
Rendement bij nominaal vermogen
Rendement bij minimaal vermogen
Max. consumption
1.09 kg
Min. consumption
0.56 kg
Min. powerconsumption
19 W
Max. powerconsumption
77,3 kg
H738 B546 D546
8 kg