Pellet stove Duroflame Pelle

  • Control panel hidden in pellet hopper
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Simplicity


Do you like a modern, unfussy interior? And are you looking for a pellet stove that doesn’t stand out too much, or take up too much space? Then our Duroflame Pelle is a nice durable complementation to your interior. Not only is it modest in size, but also in price. The design compares to a modern wood burning stove. The big difference? Clean burning, safer to use and fully programmable.

Modest and tasteful

Until now, pellet stoves have been viewed as big and clumsy machines. Duroflame is changing this image. The designer constantly searches for the perfect balance between comfortable warmth, durable heating and distinctive design. No concessions, no compromises. Our pellet stoves blend in perfectly in your living space or even compliment your interior. They bring the ambiance of the old days, but with modern technology. This also counts for the Duroflame Pelle, the design of which enables it to in almost every interior.

Warm and modern

The Pelle is, just like every Duroflame pellet stove, fully programmable with a programmable thermostat. This pellet stove is robust, high quality, has a slim design and high efficiency. The control panel is cleverly hidden inside the hopper, keeping the overall look sleek and attractive. . Doesn’t it give you a warm feeling?

Specificaties Pelle

Max. power
7.3 kW
Min. power
3.4 kW
Rendement bij nominaal vermogen
Rendement bij minimaal vermogen
Max. consumption
1.70 kg
Min. consumption
0.79 kg
Min. powerconsumption
25 W
Max. powerconsumption
55,5 kg
H736 W457 D482
10 kg